Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 16

ARRRRR! day 16! Feelin' good! Doing great! Did a long study today! I wanted to make it the piece of resistance for my golden boy entry. Did the workout and changed it a bit. We (me and my girlfriend)have moved on to the next level which is harder and more satisfying! these being said... eeeenter night! *tananannnnaaanananaaanannnaa*EEEEExit liiiiight! See you tomorrow!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


half of the first month. Hell yeah! Here is what i did today! I have finished the commission too so im pretty happy:D I have also received the new Nightwish album that is uber great! Anyway i did everything that i was supposed to do so it was a pretty usual day:) See you tomorrow! DEATHLINEEEEEEEEEE!

Day 14

Hello! Quick post because it's already too late to stay up. today according to my schedule i had to do .. well you can read it because i have uploaded it:) i am almost done with the commission:D i have done the workout. i'll go to sleep now because i am very tired!:)) also i have attached 2 more personal pieces. One was a tattoo commission for a friend and one just a sketch that i have done in the past days. see ya tomorrow!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Day 13

Hello again! How's it going? For me everything is ok. Same thing like yesterday. I have managed to make that schedule for my 1 hour studies so now it will be much more easy to choose what i am studying:) I am almost done with the commission too. I just need to polish some stuff and it's done. I have also attached the study that i did today from life. Learned that you can transform the selections too with right clicking and choosing transform selection:D it's a pretty handy tool when it comes to elliptical selections. so that's all for today. see ya tomorrow! Alex

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 12

Hello my friends! just finished my 1 hour study a few moments ago:) Today it was the same like everyday except i ate a lot of slanina (that's pig fat and i guess in english is called bacon?) and it was awesome:D Did the workout. Painted on the commission. took a nap:D anyway.. see you tomorrow!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Day 11

Hello again!
Today i have received my stylus:D did pretty much the same as everyday except the stream. But from tomorrow everything returns to normal. here is what i did today in my 1 hour study. See you tomorrow!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 10

hello everyone. I am posting this sooner because i have returned the stylus that i have borrowed today and i can't draw anything till tomorrow when i'll receive the new one. It was supposed to arrive today but the guys at Wacom fucked up the address and i didn't received it. So i have to wait till tomorrow to paint again. Today was as usual. Stream, work, study, home, workout and i guess soon sleep:) here is the study that i did today. Thanks and see ya tomorrow!

Oh and by the way tomorrow morning there will be no stream! I can't paint without a stylus:(

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 9

Boom! Pow! KACHIIIING! I got my second monitor today. A 24 inch Benq:D So now, finally i have a proper workspace to work on. today was a good day:) Did the livestream, finished my tasks at work, did an 1 hour study, did the workout, continued with the sketches for the commission:) Hope everything works fine for you guys too! DEATHLINEEEEE!!!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day 8

Hello my friends! Thank you so much for your support! It feels really good knowing that you are there for me!

Here is what i did today. Livestream..work..didn;t had time for a lunchbreak study unfortunately.. received a new commission (with aliens fighting:D this should be fun) .. got home... ate some veggies and drank a beer while watching The Simpsons.. did the workout... shower.. sketched something for the commission and an 1 hour lifestudy to compensate the lost time from work. Today felt pretty good:)

I want to make a schedule in this weekend to create a more varied study routine. I feel that now every study that i am doing is not helping me with my deathline goals. I should get back to character anatomy, clothing, skin rendering etc. But to get good results with this i think i really need that schedule, because in 1 hour of studying (outside the livestream) everything should be planned perfect in order to get good results.

See you tomorrow!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 7

This day resumed in a few words: woke up at 6 am. didn't do the livestream because of the internet connection. went back to bed. couldn't sleep. came back at the computer. did a quick sketch. left for work. stayed a lot in traffic because there was an accident. finally arrived at work after 1 hour. did 14 icons and polished a character concept. did a study in the lunch break. Got home at 7:30 pm. ordered a new 24' monitor:D wanted to eat but guests showed up. didn;t do the workout because of that(gonna do in the weekend 2 sessions to catch up). did an 1 hour lifestudy alone on livestream to check if the internet is fixed. it seems that it's ok:) And wrote this post. I have attatched the last studies that i couldn;t post in the previous days.

Have a nice day/ night! See you tomorrow, maybe, on livestream:D


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 6

New day new problems! Today everything went perfect up to this point. For some reason i can't upload anything. the internet decided to be an asshole with me:D There are so many problems that i encounter in this Deathline that it seems that someone doesn't want me to finish it:)) Anyway.. i did the livestream this morning. i finished the jungle commission. I did the workout. I tried to upload the lifestudy that i did but it doesnt't work. So i guess i'll upload in tomorrow's post:) I can only post the portrait that i did on livestream because that is already uploaded:D see ya tomorrow!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 5

Hell yeah! back on track baby! Made my Mr. T Mohawk again this morning:D Made my pen pressure work! Ate a pizza in the city with my girlfriend! wasted a lot of time in the city! Got home and started working on that commission with the jungle (which is going bad right now)! Did the workout! Did a livestream! posted on the social networks the study and 2 more pages from the sketchbook! wrote this article! said thanks!



Friday, November 18, 2011

Day 4

Day 4... worst day eva'!!! So as you probably now by now my stylus broke this morning while i was doing the livestream. At work i made @16 buttons for the user interface of the game. It was quite a great achievement because i usually do 4 buttons/day. The lunch break was cut down to half due to that and i did a quick bug study(wich i forgot to post. i will post it monday i guess). anyway at 19:30 got home finally from work. I was happy because i have managed to borrow a I4 pen to use till my new one arrives. Guess what? The tablet drivers are fucked up! I have installed them and reinstalled them a few times but still no luck to make that pen pressure going. So tomorrow will continue just like this day! I have to reinstall the windows and all the crap that i need to do work. Also because of this technical difficulties i cannot do the livestream, i can not work for myself and i can not paint that commission. It feels really weird:) I try now to use all this free time to become better in linework. So i'll draw more in my sketchbook. Today i'll post the studies that i did but also some sketches that i do while i am on the bus to work. These i feel that i can share for now. All the rest are pure crap:)) ok see ya tomorrow!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 3

Hello again:) Day 3:D Such a beautiful number:D So as usual i have started my day with the study stream. It went ok-ish:) I have tried to overcome my fear of portraits with that:) At work i did all the day buttons/icons for the interface of the game. It was quite nice since i am able to paint everything (because the interface is heavy personalized). In the lunchbreak i have studied some Japanese fish. Didn't liked how the study turned out tho. I feel that in one hour i can;t do shit. I think i will do this one hour studies till the end of this month and then i am going to stop with them and do longer ones. At home i have studied some fashion design and figure drawing. I have drawn them in my sketchbook. Maybe this weekend i'll photograph everything and post it here. I have a scanner but i feel that i can do this job much quicker with a camera. Also did my workout that didn;t went so well. I had a severe pain on my right arm when i was doing the push ups and i am afraid that i will develop soon carpi-tunnel syndrome. Anyway i have continued with the rest of the exercises that didn't need the use of my hand. After that obviously i hit the shower and started to work again on that jungle commission. I am not too happy with the result. The thing is that i am continuously changing the picture/composition and i don't have to much time to work on it. Anyway i'll have the entire weekend to do it so i'm not worried:) Hope you are all doing fine and studying a lot! Cheers my brothers and sisters!!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 2

So today i have started like usual with the stream in the morning. I continued the jungle study that i have started yesterday and i reached a level where i consider it final (because i learned what i wanted to learn from it - i am doing a commission and i wanted to get used to the color palette of the jungle). In my lunchbreak i have painted a spider. I noticed how much the blue reflects on the dark shiny parts and observed an interesting nature camouflage/warpaint. It was fun also to paint the background that was blurry. I will remember from now on to use more blur in my paintings (especially on small objects) It's a really good way to enhance the focal area! Finally from time to time, between tasks and a little bit at home i have started to use sculptris. It was quite fun an i have tried to apply what i have learned from vilppu's videos. It was a productive day though i didn't had much time to work for myself because when i arrived at home i had to start on that commission thing. Oh and i forgot to mention that i did one hour of exercises:D And drunk a lot of water:D

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Day one! Deathline Here I GO!!!!

Hello! Long time no see!

I have started doing some serious studying and i have started working out! For the first time in my life i feel like i'm really on the right track:) I stream now for the Crimson Daggers Study group every day at 6am and in the weekends from 7 am (Romania Time +2GMT). Here is a link to my channel http://www.livestream.com/alexnegrea . You can join me and study with me and ask me questions! Here you can find my latest studies http://s639.photobucket.com/albums/uu117/wwritza666/studies%20and%20sketches/

I also published in the Concepteez Magazine and i caught the cover for one issue so i'm pretty happy for that too:) here you can find it and download it for free: http://concepteez.deviantart.com/art/Concepteez-Mag-Issue-2-268431945

I have decided on my goals for the Deathline and this is day one for me. If you wanna now what Deathline is take a look at this link: http://danwarrenart.blogspot.com/2011/11/crimson-daggers-deathline-challenge.html Anyway i will start to post everyday on this blog to keep you guys informed on my evolution or involution:) My goals are:

1. Get published in professional digital art magazines or art books/plug or gold award on cg hub or any top cg forum. This means that i have to produce at least 3 professional paintings every month so i can post them and try to achieve that awesome award
2. Complete at least 3 times the P90 workout program. Also want to switch completely on water and natural juice.
3. To build a complex visual library related to character design (for this i want to be able in the end to strike any pose from my mind, to be able to draw awesome clothing and awesome realistic designs. For this to happen i plan to study anatomy and design even more. Also as a sub-task here i want to work more in 3d programs such as sculptris and build some of my concepts and animal studies to combine different parts from them (such as fur, claws, anatomy, color schemes etc.) with humans)

So these being said! Let's begin!

Here is today's study. I have to mention that my only free time for most of the days is the lunch break from work that last's 1 hour. So that's gonna be my personal study time during the week. So enough with the speaking! Let's study and become amazing all together!