Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 2

So today i have started like usual with the stream in the morning. I continued the jungle study that i have started yesterday and i reached a level where i consider it final (because i learned what i wanted to learn from it - i am doing a commission and i wanted to get used to the color palette of the jungle). In my lunchbreak i have painted a spider. I noticed how much the blue reflects on the dark shiny parts and observed an interesting nature camouflage/warpaint. It was fun also to paint the background that was blurry. I will remember from now on to use more blur in my paintings (especially on small objects) It's a really good way to enhance the focal area! Finally from time to time, between tasks and a little bit at home i have started to use sculptris. It was quite fun an i have tried to apply what i have learned from vilppu's videos. It was a productive day though i didn't had much time to work for myself because when i arrived at home i had to start on that commission thing. Oh and i forgot to mention that i did one hour of exercises:D And drunk a lot of water:D

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