Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 7

This day resumed in a few words: woke up at 6 am. didn't do the livestream because of the internet connection. went back to bed. couldn't sleep. came back at the computer. did a quick sketch. left for work. stayed a lot in traffic because there was an accident. finally arrived at work after 1 hour. did 14 icons and polished a character concept. did a study in the lunch break. Got home at 7:30 pm. ordered a new 24' monitor:D wanted to eat but guests showed up. didn;t do the workout because of that(gonna do in the weekend 2 sessions to catch up). did an 1 hour lifestudy alone on livestream to check if the internet is fixed. it seems that it's ok:) And wrote this post. I have attatched the last studies that i couldn;t post in the previous days.

Have a nice day/ night! See you tomorrow, maybe, on livestream:D



  1. Keep pushing dude, the flask is mad for 1hr :)

  2. You're really raising the bar here Alex.
    Keep it up...
    Have some virtual coffee on me when you feel tired. ;)