Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 3

Hello again:) Day 3:D Such a beautiful number:D So as usual i have started my day with the study stream. It went ok-ish:) I have tried to overcome my fear of portraits with that:) At work i did all the day buttons/icons for the interface of the game. It was quite nice since i am able to paint everything (because the interface is heavy personalized). In the lunchbreak i have studied some Japanese fish. Didn't liked how the study turned out tho. I feel that in one hour i can;t do shit. I think i will do this one hour studies till the end of this month and then i am going to stop with them and do longer ones. At home i have studied some fashion design and figure drawing. I have drawn them in my sketchbook. Maybe this weekend i'll photograph everything and post it here. I have a scanner but i feel that i can do this job much quicker with a camera. Also did my workout that didn;t went so well. I had a severe pain on my right arm when i was doing the push ups and i am afraid that i will develop soon carpi-tunnel syndrome. Anyway i have continued with the rest of the exercises that didn't need the use of my hand. After that obviously i hit the shower and started to work again on that jungle commission. I am not too happy with the result. The thing is that i am continuously changing the picture/composition and i don't have to much time to work on it. Anyway i'll have the entire weekend to do it so i'm not worried:) Hope you are all doing fine and studying a lot! Cheers my brothers and sisters!!


  1. @eniat - i will try:) this was a crap study though:D
    @gagan - thanks bro!
    @Sam - help meee!! :D thanks dude! i really appreciate the support;)