Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 18

Hello my dear readers! I am back again with a shit study this time. I have continued a lil bit the study with that colonel from avatar (which name i still don;t remember). I didn;t had time to finish it and i guess i will finish it tomorrow. Besides that i did the workout. I am soda proof for more than 25 days (i kind of started this goal before the deathline with one week). I have started work on a new commission. The sketch was approved and the client very happy so i am happy too. Tomorrow i guess i will finish it because the sketch was pushed close to a final result and the image resolution is low (because is meant to be used as a background for an iphone game.) and now i will leave you to study/sleep/loose time with games/ loose time on 9gag or facebook etc:) Thanks for the visit!

Oh and i almost forgot! I am going now to learn how to play Magic the Gathering or how the hell you say that! So basically i am one of those losers that play games:(

And if you feel down and like shit just read the book "The war of art" it's super motivational.

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  1. Man you've been working so strictly, you deserve to play them games :D.
    Nice Deathline so far! I think I'm going to upload a Post per day too!