Sunday, December 4, 2011

Day 20

Hello my friends. So today i did the same stuff. I know it's already boring to hear me telling the same routine but bare with me:D Did the crimson daggers livestream in the morning and i failed the study. Then i started working on the commission and i think i finished it. I just need to hear the confirmation from the client so i can call it really done:) Watched a movie with my girlfriend. Ate some spaghetti (can;t get enough of those:D i eat spaghetti at least 4 times a week:D)Did the workout. Shower. Did an 1 hour lifestudy after my gameboy as you can see. And that was it:D I'll watch i guess an episode from the simpsons and i will call it a day:) See you tomorrow! Stay golden and read the book The War of Art!

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