Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 38-49

Oh wow!! It has been soooo long since i have updated this blog!! First of all happeeee neeew yerery!! Hope you got a nice party and happy holidays.
So all this time i was working for the challenges that Dan and Dave are holding up. I did studies in photoshop and in my sketchbook. I will post though only what i did in PS because i don;t have photographed the sketchbook. I have made some human mistakes during this period. I have been slacking with the workout and i have drank soda (only 1l but that's enough to call it a failure). anyway after watching today rocky it got me pumped up and made me do the workout again so now i am on the right track:) At work we have started to work hardcore again so the following months will be a tough time for me but I'll try to do my best with everything.
I have organized some meetings with romanian 2d artists in this time too. And it was real fun and it will happen again:D!!
i have met:
http://sickfolio.blogspot.com/ - sickbrush - aka slayer aka too many names to write here
http://mewannalearn.deviantart.com/ - Theo aka mewannalearn
http://www.visualart.ro/forum/threads/19630-razv-s-sketches?p=356419#post356419 - Razv23 aka Razvan Matei
http://enixtm.cghub.com/images/ - Mihai Radu aka enixtm
http://lexpaul.daportfolio.com/gallery/365770#18 - Paul Alexandrescu
http://horheart.blogspot.com/- Horhe aka George Munteanu

If i forgot someone please accept my apologies. It's late and i am sleepy:)

Well that's about it. I hope i will keep my word now and i will post every day:) if not feel free to throw rocks at me:)

See ya tomorrow!

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  1. Wow, I really love the second version you did of the "Swamp Elder". The first one was excellent, but this one is pure awesome. :)