Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Some updates


  1. Un moment sa imi pun falca la loc si sa inghit saliva din gura :) FOOOOAAAAARTEEEEE tari! Recunosc ca pe unele le-am vazut si pe deviantart dar nu are nici o importanta! Nu stiu ce sa spun, prea putine cuvinte :)

  2. This is just SO FUCKIN AWESOME

  3. I can't belive a brand of Gameloft's caliber hires a guy that likes scantily clad women and the use of blood and gore in almost EVERY picture he does. When I usually always have associated them with cute family-oriented games. It's a shame really. O.o;

    1. Is this a joke or what?!! What does Gameloft have to do with Applibot?! Why do you think Alex can do only "scantily clad women and the use of blood and gore in almost EVERY picture he does"?!

  4. Superb!! Was listening Epic Orchestral Music mix and saw your drawings there. Simply Outstanding!!! I love drawing myself and i am a 3D artist to but your level of art is at a level i could only dream of. Kudos!!!.

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