Monday, September 22, 2014

Trojan Horse was a Unicorn

Hi everyone! Long time no see!!:) Many things have happened since the last time i posted but we will talk about that after I tell you about the THU experience.

THU '14 ended 2 days ago and for the second time I was blown away so i want to congratulate Andre and his team of unicorns for a really well done job.

Last year I made a lot of friends at this event and because of that, some of us decided to get a room together this time and go to the event a few days earlier since the location is a pretty amazing place to be. We arrived on the 13th and surprise, surprise guess into who we have run into: Andre and his team working hard on the final touches for the festival before the gates would officially open. He invited us for dinner and we chatted about many things while enjoying the epic view from their balcony.

The next 4 days were all fun. We did some sightseeing around Lisbon, went to the beach, to the pool, did some fun fun photos. If any of you decide to go to THU next year (yeah they are already working on it!) I recommend going there early to enjoy the beauty of the place. Once the workshop starts your schedule will be super busy and you will barely have time to eat. For next year i am considering going there early like this year and also stay a bit more, after the workshop. I cant stress enough how cool is this place. Even though the weather forecast was crappy for this year, i think it was pretty good in the end. If it was raining it was only for 20 min or so and after that the sky would be clear again.

The night before the workshop officially started the place was already full with leading industry professionals and students. We had the amazing opportunity to join them at the dinner party on a nice place near the beach. We were sitting next to legend Scott Ross and his wife and we talked about a bunch of interesting things. Soon Christian Alzmann, the Senior VFX Art Director of ILM, joined us in the talks and we ended up having a great time. I got to say hello to a bunch of other instructors that i was seeing for the first time and they were all really nice. Some of us started playing rock, scissors, paper with wine and it was really fun:D

On the 17th in the morning we have officially registered and got our warrior tags. This is another nice thing about this workshop. Everyone receives a name tag so its easier to remember names. I dont know about you guys but for me this thing is really helpful:D I wish all the workshops would have this feature, it really brings the people closer together.
The next four days were pretty hardcore. Tons of inspirational talks, mind blowing demo's, great people to be around and beer:D Even though i was constantly eating i ended up losing 3.5 kg. Once you are there you are in a crazy engaging mood and that consumes a lot of energy:)

The workshops were all day long and they would end up with talks between two legends of the industry. We got to hear about many of the things that happened and happen in this industry from people like Scott Ross, Andrew Jones, Syd Mead, Michael Kutsche, Loic Zimmerman, Afonso Salcedo. Probably the highlight of these talks was by Syd and it sounded like this: "If you are not getting paid for it, then its a hobby!"

There would always be an after party that would last till the morning, and surprisingly some of the attendees were managing to go to them and still be up for the lectures in the next day. I headed out soon, every night after a couple of drinks to get some rest. I have never meet and talked to so many people in my life and i was pretty tired after each day:) To compare it with the last years workshop this time the event was 3 times bigger. We were over 500 people in Troia in the past couple of days and everyone was in a chatty mood. So lots of XP points were exchanged:)

One of the new additions at this workshops was the mentorship session. Basically a few random people were selected to be part of one of the many small teams with one of the workshop instructors as a leader. I was lucky enough to be picked and I ended up in Tiago Hoisel's gang:) He is one of the most amazing guys!!

Also its worth mentioning the Happy Hour. Once a day we would get free drinks and chat and get portfolio reviews. In these times I was trying to run around and say hello to as many people as I could. Even like this I am sure I didnt managed to meet everyone. So if you are reading this and we havent met there in person have a big hug from me and hope we will chat next time:)

Fun Facts: Veli is from Finland, Esben Lash can sing really well and play the guitar and thaught me the basics of beatboxing, we saw a rainbow, probably the most profitable business in troia judging by the Queue was Ali Baba's Kebab place, we had to celebrate Tania's birthday, we sculpted sand boobs on Lap, we made a godzilla movie, some people saving a baby falcon, me posing as a suicide boy, Lap being dragged into a granny party, saying goodbye to everyone in the last night takes around 2 hours and so many more that i cant remember right now

And some news about me now:

Since i got this question a lot at the workshop i want to mention that i am not working with Applibot anymore. I have quit a few months ago because i wanted to do a change in my art and take a different path. They were a great client and i wish them the best:)

I am involved in a book project with some of my friends. But i cant tell more now except it will be all about sketching:D

These days i am doing concept art, promotional illustrations and book covers for various clients. Unfortunately i cant post most of the stuff i do yet. I am also trying to wrap up two tutorials that i plan to release soon.

I have added some new painting videos on my youtube. Go check them out

I was a demo artist at the Industry Workshops and it was really fun!!

Isra visited Romania and we hanged around for a couple of days showing him the beauties of our place. He cooks really well!!:D

So here are some old/new images that i havent posted so far on this blog:

Thanks for reading!!



  1. An interesting read Alex. You're talent is without question, but you also seem like a really cool guy. All the best!

  2. oh this is awesome idea to go to THU few days earlier! I have to join you next year for sure!

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